Visiting Roero and Langhe

Roero is our land, with hills on the left side of Tanaro river, facing to south with Langhe while to north they sweetly degrade towards the Turinese country.
This land, already populated in the Neolithic age, introduces many rests of roman age, especially in the city of Alba, while the castles and the towers are a sign of Middle Ages.
And then, the baroque churches, palaces and the many votive chapels testify an ancient and lively past.


From our Farm holidays you can admire:

- the Baroque Govone Castle, famous for its Italian gardens;
- the Magliano Alfieri Castle, seat of the Museum of popular Traditions and Arts ;
- the Middle Age Cisterna d' Asti Castle, with the Museum of old Arts and Handicraft.

While, not far away, you will find
- the Guarene Castle;
- the Barolo Castle, seat of the
regional Wine cellar of the Barolo;
- the Grinzane Cavour Castle,
seat of the most ancient piemontese Wine cellar and the literary Prize Grinzane Cavour.


For those that love the nature and discover the landscape of the Roero by foot, bicycle or by
horse, you will find the wild beauty of the Roero Rocks, the majestic forests of chestnut
trees, and Roero vineyards.
The Rocks are a erosion phenomenon that
crosses all the Roero, from Bra to Montà d'Alba, for 12 km, enclosing fossils, archaeological finds and very rare fauna.


The hills are shaped like a mosaic, from a lot of small vineyards turned to the sun and cultivated with passion and pride,
producing prestigious grapes for excellent wines, like Nebbiolo,Roero, Barbera, Bonarda, Brachetto, Arneis and Favorita.
The Regional Wine cellar of the Roero, in Canale, is the reference point for information and promotion of Roero's wine.


There are a lot of cultural appointments in Langhe and Roero, above all in autumn, when the hills are dressed of thousand colors and when begins the grape-harvest and truffles perfumes:
in September the "Duja d'Or" and "Palio d'Asti" in the city of Asti ;
"Cheese" a great trade fair in Cherasco city for national and foreign typical cheeses (every two years);

in October the"Palio d'Alba" and the"Worldwide auction of the white truffle from Alba", at the Grinzane Cavour Castel;
while in April takes places
"Vinum" the festivity of the wine, in Alba too.

But in every period of the year you can find
local markets, fairs, feasts, castles and open farmhouses, in order to know and taste Roero typical products: great wines, fruits and vegetables of our Roero country.


There are many products that make unique the Piedmontese traditional cuisine:
- the typical Piedmont's pasta, called "tajarin"; - the "bagna caoda" , a warm sauce with anchovies, olive oil and garlic grown in Piedmont, to taste with a great variety of typical Autumn vegetables;
- the "finanziera", a piedmontese dish of popular origin, wonderful mixture of innards: giblets, marrow,lungs, brain, liver fried together;
the "vitello tonnato/tuna veal", one of the most classical Italian summer dishes often served in restaurants with a mayonnaise and tuna sauce;
- the "cugnà" an ancient piedmontese mustard, prepared with the must of Barbera and Arneis, together with little pieces of seasonal fruit;
- "bunèt/amaretti pudding", one of the most typical desserts from Piemonte, where chocolate and nuts are tradition;
- "pesche ripiene/stuffed peaches", where the richness of peaches goes quite nicely with the bitterness of amaretti macaroons almonds and chocolate;
- "torta di nocciole/
hazelnut cake", where Piedmontese Hazelnuts delicate taste are the basis for a delightful cake.

A rich table for every season!


Govone Castle



Roero Rocks


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