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Wine and italian food

Arcigola Slow Food -
Slow Food is an international association that promotes food and wine culture,
but also defends food and agricultural biodiversity worldwide.
It opposes the standardisation of taste, defends the need for consumer information,
protects cultural identities tied to food and gastronomic traditions,
safeguards foods and cultivation and processing techniques inherited from tradition and defend domestic and wild animal and vegetable species.

Autunno con Gusto -
Autumn Tastes: happenings in Piedmont. from wine to cheese,
from salami or the beef from Piedmont cattle breed to the delicious snails,
from vegetables to fruit, from leeks to pumpkins and chestnuts,
from mushrooms to the sheep of the Sambuco breed, from maize to buckwheat pudding

Centro Nazionale Studi sul Tartufo -
The truffle is a treasure of unequalled value for the hills of Southern Piedmont, Langhe and Roero. If Alba is the capital of Tuber magnatum Pico, one should not forget that the prized white grows all over the hilly countryside of Piedmojnt, South of the Po River, with a highly positive impact on the image of the entire region. Quality food and drink tourism promotion. The truffle is one of the highest expressions of italian cookery and not only that. How to preserve and cooking the truffle.

Cheese, le Forme del Latte -
"Cheese" is a biennial event, organized by Slow Food and the City of Bra, that has become the leading international meeting dedicated to small cheese producers.
Cheese 2005 is a huge market that hosts cheese rarities as well as Italian and international Slow Food Presidia products. There is ample space for people to learn about and taste a vast array of cheeses. The main focus of the event this year will be goat cheeses. They will be highlighted along with other quality cheese products in the traditional forums which Cheese dedicates to closer examination: Taste Laboratories, the Great Hall of Cheese, meetings and presentations.

Enoteca Regionale del Barbaresco -
The "Enoteca Regionale del Barbaresco" was created to promote the local wine production. The Barbaresco is a red wine of particular charm, whose quality has been determined from the italian waw since 1966 when it was aknowledged as D.O.C. wine (controlled origin denomination) and in 1980 as D.O.C.G. wine (controlled and warranted origin denomination).
It grows in the Province of Cuneo in the territory of the villages of Barbaresco,
Treiso and Neive and in the hamlet San Rocco Seno d'Elvio of the town of Alba,
from the hillside vineyards exposed to the sun, cultivated with the Nebbiolo vine.

Enoteca regionale del Barolo -
The Regional Wine Cellar of Barolo, the prestigious exhibition hall of the eleven villages that forms the region of Barolo, will promote and protect the king of wines and his specific area trough different sections: show room for the entire collection of Barolo bottles, tasting room, promotional sale art exhibitions and ethnographic museum, events attached to region of Barolo and to wine Barolo.

Enoteca regionale piemontese Cavour - Grinzane di Cavour Castle
"Enoteca del Piemonte" is promoting D.O.C. and D.O.C.G. (granted geographical origin) wines of Piedmont on national and foreign markets. It is also promoting Piedmont's territory itself, thanks to the 10 Enoteche Regionali and their over 800 wine producers members.

Enoteca regionale colline del Moscato - Moscato D’Asti e Asti Spumante DOCG
"Enoteca regionale colline del Moscato" is promoting D.O.C. and D.O.C.G. Moscato D’Asti e Asti Spumante wines of Piedmont and others Langhe, Roero and Monferrato wines. "Enoteca regionale colline del Moscato" has seat in Mango Castle.

Enoteca Regionale del Roero -
"Enoteca Regionale del Roero" rappresents all the Roero wines.

Gambero Rosso Editore -
Gambero Rosso - Città del gusto in his unique, sleek Roman setting are TV studios,
classrooms for both amateurs and professionals, workshops for food and wine,
a theater dedicated to cooking, multimedia services and activities, a wine bar,
a restaurant, and a shop with a wide choice of food and wine-related objects and books.

Go wine -
"Go Wine" association cooperates during special events and suggests to its members special trips in wine territories. Through "Go Wine" members will be the main personalities of these events. Wine tasting, visits to wine cellars, to the countryside and local monuments: this is wine tourism in the spirit of "Go Wine".
"Go Wine" promotes the Literary Competition “Bere il Territorio” for young people “under 30”; organizes "VINUM", the largest Langhe and Roero wines exhibition which will take place in Alba.

Ricette tipiche del cuneese - Azienda Turistica Locale del Cuneese, typical recipes
Gastronomy and typical Piedmont Products, Piedmontese Recipes.

Salone del Gusto -
"Salone del Gusto" is a biennial event, organized by Slow Food and the City of Turin, that has become the leading international meeting dedicated to pleasure of food. The "Salone del Gusto" program includes many events dedicated to the knowledge and pleasure of food, plus a range of other options—the Taste Workshops, the Theater of Taste, Dinner Dates and Slow Tours.

Vini DOC -
The wine-producing territory stretches wide over a cluster of separate,
well-defined areas such as the Canavese, the Turin Hill, the Pinerolese and the Susa Valley.
Turin Capital of Wine it’s an initiative finalized to be promoter of the town,
as well from the wines and typical productions of the province.

Vinitaly, Salone internazionale dei vini e dei distillati-
"Vinitaly" is a event, organized in the City of Verona, that has become the leading international meeting dedicated to pleasure of wine.


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