We have two double bedrooms available for guests, each with its own bathroom en suite and furnishings inspired by a season of the year.

The "Spring Room" is decorated primarily in shades of blue and white, bringing to mind the blooming of lily of the valley, violets, iris and daffodils. It features vaulted ceilings, in antique brick, a wrought iron frame double bed, and a double wardrobe dating from the beginning of the 20th century, an heirloom handed down from great-aunt Carolina.

Then, we have the "Summer Room" in the warm tones of yellow, red and orange, recalling the grains, poppies and sunflowers that color the summer fields. Here we find again, vaulted antique brick ceilings, twin beds in wrought iron, and a 19th century wardrobe inherited from the grandparents Roasio.

Completing our bed and breakfast accommodations is a warm and welcoming "Breakfast Room", including a kitchen with walnut cabinets, tables and chairs, a stove in "salt and pepper" majolica, and a "conversation nook" with rattan sofa and chairs and a collection of books and games available to help pass the time. Here you can enjoy our breakfast of homemade bread and cakes, cheeses from the Langhe and Roero served with our own cognà (a traditional Piemontese sauce), ham and salami typical of our area, and our own line of specialties, called "Le Delizie di Zia Graziella" (The Delicacies of Aunt Graziella) that we prepare in our laboratory kitchen here at Serra dei Costa.
We also have a beautiful trellised terrace with tables, chairs and recliners, where you can take breakfast all'aperto, while enjoying the terrace garden and the panorama of the Biegio Valley.

Spring Room

Summer Room


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