In the Farmstead "Serra Dei Costa" we cultivate the land with passion and with natural methods.
We prefer ancient plants variety and the integrated fight to parasites.
So that our job has in return high quality grapes, fruits and vegetables.


Our vineyard are ancient vineyards implanted on steep depositors, very well exposed to the sun and still needing a lot of manually, hard and pride work.
The quantity of grapes is very small if compared with intensive and modern vineyard, but the result is very special:
excellent wines with incomparable bouquet of flowers and fruits.

We propose you ours "Barbera d'Asti d.o.c.", left in oak's wine butts for at least one year,
acquiring greater body and fragrance, so that our wine has obtained the special denomination of "Barbera Superiore";
we have also a very fresh, dry, pleasant white wine , our "Arneis type" wine called "Birichin" with a very particular bouquet of flowers and fresh fruit;
at the end we have our rose-couloured wine called "Rusà", a fresh, sweet and little sparkling wine, that can be used also for aperitives.


The fruit and vegetables cultivated in our Farmhouse are collected only at the perfect maturation point, so that they can preserve the fragrance and rich taste also when transformed in our laboratory, preparing
"Aunt Graziella's delights" products:
jams, syruped fruit, gravies, sauces and appetizers, Piedmont's and international specialities observing our family genuine prescriptions, without preservatives, neither additives and food dyes.

In "Aunt Graziella's delights" products you can find traditional Piedmont's recipes, like the "Cugnà", and the "Great piedmontese gravy sauce".
"Cugnà" is an ancient piedmontese mustard, prepared with the must of Barbera and Arneis, together with little pieces of seasonal fruit.
"Cugnà" mustard is very good together typical Langhe and Roero's cheeses, with "polenta" and boiled meat or simply like a very sweet-smelling jam.
The "Great piedmontese gravy sauce/Gran sugo alla piemontese" is the classic sauce for the typical Piedmont's pasta called "tajarin" and for the "risotto"; this sauce is prepared with mature tomatoes, minced meat, sausage and aromatic plants from our kitchen-garden.

Some of "Aunt Graziella's delights" products take origin from other countries, like the "Hot apple sauce", from the Alto Adige;
the "Hot apple sauce" can be served with toasted bread crouton, or with bacon fat slices or with boiled meat;
In the "Chutney", sauce of Indian's origin, the taste of the fruit is matched with spices, aromatic vinegar and cane sugar, giving a particular taste, that exalts and contrasts with the taste of our typical piedmontese cheeses.

For a sweet and healthy pleasure, we have created delicious Custards like the "Custard of apples and chocolate", the "Custard of apples and coffee", and"Custard of pumpkin and macaroon/Amaretto".
Many of our specialties are offered also in our gourmet breakfast, in order to taste our genuine and delicious products.
Moreover we have our jams, some of them very particular like "Extra carrots jam", or"Extra kiwi jam", or"Extra pumpkin jam", all jams are prepared with perfectly mature fruit and therefore with a little quantity of sugar.
We have also a lot of delicious appetizers, like "Chili peppers filled","Aubergines in little pieces" and the classic "Piedmontese Appetizer".

In our Farmstead is possible to organize tastings of typical and traditional wine and food of Roero and Langhe countries.

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